Pop Warner 2017 Superbowl Champions


Here come the CHAMPS!

For the first time since 2004 years, the North Philly Aztecs are Pop Warner Super Bowl Champions. The 155LB JV are the 2017 Pop Warner National Champions. As expected by many, the North Philly Varsity Cheer Squad enjoyed back-to-back championships this year in the Varsity, and last, and are without doubt, the best Cheer Squad in the country.

Congratulations to the young men and women of the North Philly Aztec program, who are role models for young people, across the nation.

And congratulations to all the coaches, parents, and supporters who put in the time, give the money, and make the sacrifices that have made this organization the success that it has become.

Happy Holidays!

2019 Season Registration Form

The new 2019 Registration forms for Cheer and Football are available. You have the option of downloading the form, or simply viewing them.

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Aztecs Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop positive productive members of society by cultivating a healthy lifestyle as well as academic success for the youth of the community by engaging them in sports, academics, promoting life skill development, sportsmanship and building self-esteem in a fun safe environment.

This website will be your one-stop-shop for all information, news, events about the North Philly Aztecs Football team, and Cheer Leading squad. You can connect to all North Philly Aztec social media from here, and see all the latest photos and videos.

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